Nutritional medicine research undertakes studies on the the aetiology, in other words the environmental, chemical or genetic causes of  multiple system atrophy (shy drager syndrome) parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Based on these investigations, we can suggest effective specific dietary interventions with recommendations for enriched living environments and nutritional advice. Our research projects are based on recent advances in neuroscience combined with a wide research in traditional medicine. viagra prescription only drug Our newsletter relates to current research about the modulation of neurogenesis and neuronal regeneration through dietary intervention. Our results includes a number of naturally based therapies aiming to the repair of neuronal damage affecting patients with msa-p and msa-a (shy drager syndrome). Time takes viagra work Please contact us if you would like to receive additional information, news on nutritional medicine and research updates on neuronal regeneration with relation to the above neurological disorders. viagra jelly australia [research slides] [research articles] [contact us] [newsletter]. viagra jelly australia Hypotension) erectile dysfunction tremors, that is, small involuntary muscle movements muscle rigidity or muscle aches urinary incontinence, that is, loss of bladder control gait changes, that is, changes in how the person walks changes in facial expression difficulty swallowing and chewing confusion, dementia, or depression what are the causes and risks of the disease? buy viagra online in usa The exact cause of shy-drager syndrome is not known. cheapest viagra to buy It is more common in people older than 60 years and occurs more frequently in males. viagra jelly australia What can be done to prevent the disease? viagra prescription needed There is no known way to prevent shy-drager syndrome. viagra for sale cheap How is the disease diagnosed? viagra effects on women videos The first step in the diagnosis of shy-drager syndrome is a complete medical history and full neurologic exam. generic viagra sales The healthcare professional may then order tests, such as: an electroencephalogram (eeg) to study the electrical pathways in the brain cranial ct scan or mri scan to check for abnormalities in the brain structures blood and urine tests to measure levels of chemicals involved in nerve transmission the healthcare professional will also check the person's vital signs, such as pulse and blood pressure. buy generic viagra without prescription These findings are often abnormal in a person with shy-drager syndrome. Viagra online toronto Orthostatic hypotension, which is an inability to maintain an adequate blood pressure while changing body positions, will be present in someone with shy-drager syndrome. viagra soft tabs (50mg) Orthostatic hypotension can cause dizziness, fainting, and injury. ordering viagra without a prescription What are the long-term effects of the disease? A person with shy-drager syndrome may experience a progressive loss of ability in walking and other motor functions. Is is safe to take 40mg of viagra What are the risks to others? viagra generic buy online Shy-drager syndrome is not transmitted from one person to another. can i buy real viagra online It does not appear to be an inherited disorder. ordering generic viagra in canada What are the treatments for the disease? Because there is no known cure, treatments are used to control the symptoms of. buy viagra