Without making any change to her drug regime. Acupuncture needles (0. cheap viagra india 20 × 13 mm needles for the face and 0. is it legal to buy viagra online 25 x 25 mm needles for the other regions) were inserted on the typical areas that are used for trigeminal neuralgia (4). For facial neuralgia, the protocol utilized local points of th 17 and 21, gb2, si 18, st 2, 3 and 7, gv 26 and li 20; systemic points included th 5, li 4, st 36, st 44, st 45 and liv 3. Auricular acupuncture points were also used (shen men, neuro, face and lung points). is it legal to buy viagra online Needles were not manipulated, and no attempt was made to elicit de-qi. Every treatment session lasted about forty-five minutes, three times a week. viagra samples After the fourth session, she reported that she had been relieved almost pain free. By the sixth week (14 sessions), the patient was completely free of pain (vas = 0) and was still pain free at the end of sixth month. Discussion tn is the most common neurologic cause of facial pain. Many patients with tn eventually may become refractory to drug treatments (1) and a few cases develop resistance to surgical treatment modalities. 5 additionally, serious adverse effects can occur, especially with the use of surgical methods. viagra generic These patients are thus placed in a difficult situation, and they visit several physicians because of their intractable pain. Alternative approaches may be necessary to heal this small group of patients. Acupuncture is performed as a complementary or alternative therapeutic method for the treatment of several chronic diseases and pain control. is it legal to buy viagra online 6 the analgesic effect of acupuncture is due to increased levels of mediators, including endorphin, encephalin and serotonin, in the plasma and brain tissue. 7 acupuncture is a highly safe procedure, with few complications reported. Most reported adverse effects are minimal and include bruising or hematoma at the needle site, metal allergy and local infection. 8 thus, acupuncture, which has virtually no adverse effects, may be an alternative method of treatment for such resistant patients. We wish to alert physicians to the benefits of acupuncture for patients with resistant tn who do not respond to other traditional treatment methods. viagra private prescription price References 1. Zakrzewska jm, patsalos pn. cheap generic viagra Long-term cohort study comparing medical (oxcarbazepine) and surgical management of intractable trigeminal neuralgia. buy generic viagra Pain. generic viagra shipped to canada 2002;95:259–66. viagra canada [pubmed] 2..